The Steamboat Dance Theatre (SDT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been a network, resource, and backbone for studios, instructors, and dance enthusiasts in the Yampa Valley for over 50 years. SDT aims to make dance accessible and affordable to anyone in the
community who wants to experience dance. Its mission is to “engage, educate, and enrich the communities of the Yampa Valley through Dance and Movement.”

Steamboat Dance Theatre is pleased to announce Lori Biagi as the new Executive Director. Originally from Indiana, Lori moved to Steamboat in 2001 and joined SDT at that time. She previously served on the Board as Vice-President. She grew up dancing and participating in musical theater, starting at age 3, and pursued dance at Pineapple Dance Studio when she lived in London from 1998-1999. She has degrees in education from Manchester College and has an eclectic professional history from early childhood education, non-profit management work, and operations at Alpine Taxi to mortgage loan processing, and sales in resort lodging. 

She was married in 2003 at Perry Mansfield to her husband, Evan, and they have a 10-year-old son who is also active in the community. When she is not dancing, she enjoys cycling, traveling, and loves a good happy hour.

Part of the vision behind this hire is to give the organization additional capacity for growing and fulfilling its mission. Most people are familiar with the Annual Concert, which allows adults of any skill level and background to participate in a dance performance. Auditions are held in the fall/early winter and the concert is held in the spring. This wonderful opportunity allows anyone in the community to dance for just the cost of the annual membership fee of $50.

What people may not know is that SDT is the only organization in Steamboat that offers scholarships to persons of any age with financial need, to be used for dance classes, workshops, training, and even production. In the next year SDT aims to double the scholarship budget (currently $15-20K/year) and reach more individuals in the community who may want to pursue dance. Dance has the power to transform lives, and has benefits of not only mental
health, but can increase longevity and foster athletic performance.

In addition to increasing the scholarship budget, SDT also is pursuing summer camp programming, World Dance in Schools which brings dance education to all 3rd graders in the county, and outreach and collaboration with other community organizations. SDT will host a professionally trained dancer coming from Los Angeles in the fall, and intends to bring Dance back into Steamboat’s summer happenings. By expanding programming, SDT will increase quality of life for Yampa Valley residents. Lori’s hiring comes at an exciting time for Steamboat Dance Theatre and her leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the organization’s continued growth and success.

“This position is really my dream job. It is a happy marriage of all my passions: dance, people, community, connection, leadership, and service. I believe wholeheartedly in the mission and vision for the future, and I am extremely proud to be stepping into this role.” – Lori Biagi

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