1st Position


As of 4.2024 we are undergoing an internal assessment and revamping of our scholarship program. This revision will aim to better serve our community per feedback we’ve received.
First Position Scholarships are awarded to Yampa Valley residents for dance class tuition and program expenses in Steamboat Springs, the Yampa Valley, and the State of Colorado. The Steamboat Dance Theatre accepts applications for our 1st Position Dance Scholarships year round, with application deadlines every 2 months. Anyone with financial need is welcome to apply for tuition assistance to take dance classes regardless of age or ability level. Scholarships are generally awarded in a timeline fashion, however, please indicate unusual circumstances on the application. Please keep in mind that we are an organization of volunteers and are actively reviewing the application process to meet the needs of the growing community. Please also indicate whether or not your dancer will NOT be able to attend classes without financial assistance (i.e without FULL funding, will they still participate?).

What does the Scholarship fund?

Please note that due to the popularity of our Scholarship Program the Steamboat Dance Theatre may not able to fund 100% of tuition expenses. We do, however, aim to provide as much assistance as possible, and to touch each family in need on a regular basis.  Scholarships only fund basic dance training and technique classes. Scholarships do not fund registration fees, costume fees, voice classes, acting classes or any other fees or costs that are not specifically related to dance instruction such as dance rehearsal times and competitions. We do not want finances to be a limiting factor in dance education and experience.  We encourage you to apply or ask questions!

Students must be registered for their dance classes to apply for funding. If you are applying for a special workshop, registration fees, dance convention, competition or any other elevated level of dance experiences, please see the guidelines and apply for our 5th Position Dance Scholarships. Once approved, scholarship funds will be paid directly to the instructor/studio on behalf of the student.

Scholarship Periods

Period 1 Deadline October 25th

Funds November & December Classes

Period 2 – Deadline December 25th

Funds January & February Classes

Period 3 – Deadline February 25th (summer program applications due here please indicate as such)

Funds March & April Classes

Period 4 – Deadline April 25th (summer program applications due here please indicate as such)

Funds May & June Classes

Period 5 – Deadline June 25th

Funds July & August Classes

Period 6 – Deadline August 25th

Funds September & October Classes