5th Position


While 1st Position Scholarships focus primarily on dance classes, 5th Position Scholarships support residents of Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley in experiencing dance at an elevated, broadened level.  Specific examples of these opportunities include: out of town workshops, conventions, competitions, professional training, camps, and travel to/from these events. Applications for our 5th Position Scholarships will be accepted year round and reviewed on an individual basis. These scholarships will fund tuition/registration fees at a statewide and national level.

What does the Scholarship fund?

In the case that the scholarship is used for travel expenses, it is required that receipts are provided to the Steamboat Dance Theatre. Scholarships do not fund costume fees, voice classes, acting classes or any other fees or costs that are not specifically related to dance instruction. Once approved, scholarship funds will be paid directly to the dance institute, competition, convention or workshop. Funds will be allocated as soon as possible, and in some cases only when registration is open for a specific workshop, convention or competition. If funds are being used for travel expenses, they will be allocated to the recipient upon proof of receipts. Please note that approval of our 5th Position Scholarships may take up to one month.