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Annual Concert Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get involved beyond performing in the Annual Concert?2020-06-23T22:02:50-06:00

A: Steamboat Dance Theatre has a number of opportunities to stay engaged in the organization and dance in Steamboat. Like SDT’s Facebook page to stay up to date on events, local dance classes, and SDT programming. We are always looking for volunteers to help support the organization too!

Q: How many shows will I be performing in?2020-06-23T22:02:50-06:00

A: We have 4 official shows- Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, with a Saturday matinee geared to children. Our dress rehearsal runs like a real show, with audience members invited from area non-profits.

Q: Is there a possibility I won’t get cast?2020-06-23T22:02:50-06:00

A:  We try our hardest to cast EVERY auditioner. However, if you are limited in your preferences or put pieces outside of your ability level as your only preferences, we may struggle to cast you. Be open to new dance experiences and enjoy the process!

Q: What is the best audition strategy?2020-06-23T22:02:50-06:00

A: We encourage you to get up and dance for any and all pieces throughout the day. Before you head out, we ask you to choose your top five pieces, in preference order. This is an important step! Be realistic about your ability level. If you are a beginner dancer prioritize dances that specify Beginner, All, or Beginner/Intermediate levels. Although you may desperately want to fouette through an advanced piece, if it does not match your skill level, it may be hard to find the right fit. Show up early to auditions to get a lower audition number. We cast in numerical order.

Q: What is the audition experience?2020-06-23T22:02:50-06:00

A: Auditions are a blast! We begin with announcements for the organization and an explanation of the show, expectations as a performer, and a group warm up. All choreographers will then showcase the small amount of choreography that they are going to teach for auditions. Each piece will receive 25 minutes to teach choreography and allow interested participants to show their stuff! You WILL NOT be dancing alone rather in large groups and smaller groups, nor do you need to prepare choreography personally.

Q: How many rehearsals can I miss?2020-06-23T22:02:50-06:00

A: You are allowed to miss 2 rehearsals. Your choreographer must approve any additional absences. If you miss over 2 without choreographer approval, it is at the discretion of individual choreographers to allow you to continue.

Q: What is the cost of participation?2021-09-14T12:28:47-06:00

A: All cast members MUST be active members of Steamboat Dance Theatre. You can register online at for $45. While costumes are covered by sponsorships, as a dancer you may be required to purchase your shoes, tights, undergarments, and other costume pieces of a more personal nature. It is also standard practice for dancers, as a group, to present a gift to their choreographer(s) for leading them to the stage. Suggested donations range between $10-$20 per piece.

Q: What is the time commitment for dancers throughout the concert season?2021-11-09T15:20:47-06:00

A: The standard rehearsal schedule is 1 hour per week per dance. During show week we will have tech rehearsals and show run-throughs requiring dancers to be present during their tech times and each night for run-throughs leading into the shows. Show week schedule will be released as soon as possible.

Q: I don’t have any dance experience can I participate in the show?2020-06-23T22:02:50-06:00

A: YES! The cast of the annual concert has a wide range of ability levels. As auditions near, we will release the audition schedule that will have a description of the piece and the desired ability levels. Look for Beginner or All Levels and start your dance journey with us this year!